Zac Brown


Can’t tell where the sky begins and the water ends
No clouds to hide the sun

Waves playing me a symphony upon the sand
As I lay drifting on the ocean with this bottle in my hand

Sat down on the boardwalk for a little while
Your memory my company
Something about this place had a way to make you smile
You always loved the sound of waves

The wind whistling across my bottle still can’t blow away the sorrow
That tomorrow you won’t be here with me

So I raise it up and toast the day we met
Won’t forget the way you love me, amazing way you love me

It’s bittersweet, you see
You’re not here but I can feel you
Every memory is on the tip of my tongue
Close my eyes, see your face, hold on tight to yesterday
And when I wake, it was just a dream
It’s bittersweet

Doctor said there’s nothing we can do
Took my hand said take me home
To the only place half a chance to take the pain away
Let me feel alive before I go
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