Zac Brown

"Dance The Night Away"

Look at your body, your man needs help
Stop your selfish, I get next
Take my hand, I'll do the rest
Tell me what you want, girl, is it S-E-S-E-X?

Daddy don't want you hanging with a thug
I bet he's thinking we go, ha ha, ha ha
Breathe real hard, the sweat is dripping all over your body
Let me give you what you're missing

Grab your coat, grab your coat
Slap your car, slap your car
Girl, let's ride, girl, let's ride
Girl, let's ride, come on, let's ride

I feel the need to sleep ya, to sleep
Me and you should be dancing in the sheets

I can do what I want to
I can play by my own rule
Come with me let's just dance the night away
Don't worry 'bout what I do

Watch me as I move on the floor
And let's dance the night away
Whoa, the night away
Come with me and let's just dance the tonight away
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