Zac Brown

"Slow My Roll"

[Verse 1]
There's a new day on the horizon
There's a rising in the air
Somewhere somebody's trying to tell me they care
So I'm a lift my head to a new day
Plant my feet on the ground
Look at life in a new way and what's going down

Because today's the day, I'm gonna take things slow
Try and change my ways, forgive and let all that go
Tell the ones I love, what they need to know
I'm gonna turn around, settle down

[Verse 2]
And slow my roll
Mixin' loneliness and whiskey
Heartache and cocaine
Living life like a gypsy, lost and ashamed
So I'm a look to the Lord as my witness
Rest my hat on a shelf
Trade these boots for forgiveness and find myself


[Verse 3]
And I can't believe 16 has long since past
Because I'm tired of running, and never looking back
And I won't survive if I live this life this fast, no, no
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