Zac Brown

"Ten More Days"

[Verse 1]
Ten more days under water
And I already know
I’ll be fine
Ten more days till it’s over
Till the darkness goes
And I see the light

I’m torn between fulfilling my wildest dreams
To satisfy the beast inside of me
And a grounded love that raises me high above
The grabbing hands of cowards and of thieves

Ten more days to find my way
Ten more days till I’m awake
Ten more days till I don’t have to fight
I don’t need a future king
There ain’t a prayer that I could sing
Ten more days and I’m gonna make it right

[Verse 2]
You see my conscience betrayed me
But baby I’m strong enough
To take the tides
The bed, it trembles beneath me
But wherever the road is rough
You know I’ll rise
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