Zac Brown

"Smoke & Mirrors"

[Verse 1]
Standing on the front lines
Staring at the sun rise over the hill
Waiting for the kill
Sweet anticipation, never conversation
Tears in our eyes from holding too tight

Waiting till the demons come
Wait for us to see them run in our direction
Now they're staring at us through the trees
Got us falling to our knees to teach us a lesson

So tell me
Did you ever really love me?
Did you ever really want me?
Now that I see you clearer
I wonder, was I ever really happy?
Didn't get the chance to ask me
Now that I see you clearer
Was it just smoke and mirrors?
Was it just smoke and mirrors?

[Verse 2]
Holding onto tables, pulling out the staples
Keeping you close, now we're not afloat
Point me in the right direction, answer me one question
'Cause I could've sworn that I wasn't wrong
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