Zac Brown

"Settle Me Down"

[Verse 1]
A man's blood runs hot
As high as the temple will go
Though we can deny our nature, baby
It makes us less in control
There's a beautiful lady who breaks in the sand
With secrets that she only knows
Oh, she gives and she takes with each wave that she makes
And it's to her that I must go

Because she settles me down
Settle me down
Oh, won't you settle me down
The coolest fever in my blood
Oh, won't you settle me down
Come on

[Verse 2]
Oh it's not my style
To be afraid
Of what evil men going to do
And I won't live in fear
I know why I'm here
Yeah, I'm sheltered and watched after too
Because these people put on the fine business suits
And they step on your face until they're going
Oh, the money, the cursing, when it's time for the hearse
Only bankers and lawyers are showing
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