Zac Brown


Passed out on the bathroom floor
Clothes on and a bag of pills
I put you in bed and I tell myself
If I don't think no one will
And I know by tomorrow
You won't remember anything
You're beautifully broken

I can feel a storm rise up
Might kill be but I can't get enough
Pull me down and drown me in your love
I can't keep on running
Can't stop this train from coming
Baby you're a hurricane
Baby you're a hurricane
Spinning in your hurricane
Cause baby you're a hurricane

I hate the way I love you baby
But I just can't get enough
I worry if I walk away
That you might just self destruct
You're tripping if you think you can fix it
With some liquor and a bag of dust
You're beautifully broken
But you just can't break my love
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