Zac Brown

"Finish What We Started"

[Verse 1]
I'm standin' at these crossroads, tryin' to find myself
Walls are full of pictures and memories on the shelf
Never thought that I was ever gonna be here
Tearin' all these walls down, made from my mistakes
Tryin' to build a new home, one without the pain
Every story ends, never thought I'd say this

Let's finish what we started, babe
Finish what we started
And not go down that road that we always did
Let's take our mistakes and try to make it right
We were younger then
Let's finish what we started
'Cause I know now what I didn't know back then
It's breakin' my heart, but we're both gonna be alright

[Verse 2]
Lookin' at the future, not lookin' for the blame
Didn't make us happy livin' different ways
I would die for you, but I couldn't stay here
Look at all the love we built
It will carry on and on and on
And even though it hurts, this will lead us to better days
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