Chris Brown

"Two Models*"

Lyrics from snippet:

Can you believe it?

[Verse 1]
I been feelin' stressed
So I feel the need to go and flex
But there's no tellin' how I'm comin' next
n*ggas got me upset, yeah
On the set
Any n*gga I can find, get the Tec (Brr)
I am not a rough road, you take different steps, yeah
I only smoke the loud, you be smokin' death
Tuxedo in a jet, [?]
If you see what's on my neck
My sh*t lookin' like a tragedy
VVS, yeah
Drop top, my Ferrari ceiling proof
Don't be hatin' if you know you ain't bullet proof
Birds all in my home lookin' like a chicken coop
Shut the city down, I take that b*tch over from ten-to-two

Ooh yeah
I be with two models
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