Chris Brown

"All The Time (Version 2)"

[Intro: Chris Brown]
Oh yeah (Oh yeah, oh yeah)
Right now
Hit 'em back

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
I think about you all the time, time (Time)
Got me right here waiting (Wait)
I think about you all the time (Time)
Got me right here waiting
You ain't know you was my baby, my baby (That's my baby)
Even though you drive me crazy, yeah (Yeah)
Bet you ain't know you my baby, yeah (Yeah)
And you know you drive me crazy, oh, woah (Oh, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1]
f*ck up a check, f*ck a Patek, I run up them digits (Digits)
f*ck up the bed, left it a mess, do you remember? ('Member)
You was the best, you was the best, ain't no pretender (Pretend)
Oh, woah (Yeah)
Doing things you said you never would, would, would (Would)
Call me late at night, you ain't no good, good, good (Woo! Woo!)
Let you eat this pus*y, that's the pus*y diet (Diet)
Most these n*ggas pus*y, they can’t try it
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