Bella Thorne

"X-Ray Spex"

Said if they follow me and pop again
I'm gonna hit them with the knockout

[Verse 1]
I see you watching out of your eye
You're not gonna win, but you might as well try
You break me down, you're not like other guys, oh no
So jump on in, if you're ready to crash
So drive me fast 'cause this will not last
But you got me, you turn the magic on tonight

Got my x-ray specs, they are watching you
I can see you making your every move
Give me your heart on a rope like an old yo-yo
Got my x-ray specs and they're watching you

[Verse 2]
You have got me under your spell
And I want to get to know you well
So tell me what you like and what to do, to you
'Cause I like to be like a super freak
You can put me in positions, gonna make you weak
So just hush your eyes and shut your mouth, don't speak to me
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