"Star Studded"

Lyrics from Snippet

[Chorus: Quavo]
Yes, yes, we star studded (Woo)
Neck, wrist, both flooded (Neck)
High, set the bar, f*ck it
Outside and we all thuggin'
Fye, pull it out, buss it, (Bye) if she ain't f*ckin'
Ice, no you can't touch it
Strike, we gon' press the button

[Verse 1: Quavo]
I strike at the top of the morning
I strike at the top of the mornin', I'm gone (I'm gone)
Blue Benjamin Jackson, n*gga that's money
That's what a young n*gga persuin' (Oh)
Your n*gga be calling her and bugging her
Asking her what she be doing (Brrt)
n*ggas be wasted and off the molly, in reality [?] (Uh)
I'm tryna be greater and [?] and [?], I'm killing the haters (Killin')
I get the paper then spend a lil' bit and say sum' later (I pull it up)
The patek, the rollie, the millie, the watch, the [?] (No cap)
No cappin', you might think it's [?] racks on the [?]
Drinking martell, dance with the choppa, [?] be like Odell
It never fail, [?] diamond [?] he never would tell
The players, I [?] the engine in the old-school chevy [?] (Skrrt)
We get the bells
I pass 'em right up to the hood and hope it do well
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