Race Against Time (Live) lyrics


CeeLo Green

[Verse 1]
Nobody lives forever
So come on let's have some fun
And I want a happy ending
Just like everyone wants one
And life would be sweeter
If we all had somewhere we could run
Oh, but don't you dare tell me what can't be done

They say you don't have to grow up
But you've got to grow older
It only hurts when I laugh, you see
I'll always be young
I'll always be young in my mind
But I'm racing against the time

(Alright, yeah yeah yeah, na na na)

[Verse 2]
Ah, nevermind the mirror in your room
Be who you feel
And thе ground's under your feet
But you won't get therе standing still
Peak and valley is a promise
But don't you stop until
Oh, and I'll make it, yes, I'll make it, yes, I will
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