Rolf Harris

"Tie Me Kangaroo Down Cha Cha"

[Intro - dialogue]
Rolf: What are you gonna sing for us tonight, Perot?
Perot: Well, I thought I would... Sing a little, original, sort of Spanish/ Italian cha-cha-cha thing, that I was written myself...

[Music starts]

Rolf: That's nice. Let's hear it then...
Perot: Alright
Backing vocals: Ugh!
Perot: What was that?!
Rolf: What was what?
Perot: That "ugh!" thing?
Rolf: Oh, they always do that with cha-cha-chas... Now, come on
Perot: Okay
Backing vocals: Ugh!

[Chorus - Perot singing]
Tie me kangaroo down, cha-cha-cha
Tie me kangaroo down - sport!
Tie me kangaroo down, cha-cha-cha
Tie me kangaroo...
Down - cha-cha-cha!

[Bridge - dialogue]
Rolf: Just a minute Perot, I thought you said this was original?
Perot: Well, it is. I wrote it myself. I know - 'cos I was there when I writ it!
Rolf: Well, let's hear a bit more of it then...
Backing vocals: Cha-cha-cha!
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