Rolf Harris

"Rolf Harris introduces the revolutionary Stylophone (side 1)"

You've just heard one of the most remarkable applications in modern electronics. A battery operated pure electronic organ, which is the size of a half pound box of chocolates. It's called the 'stylophone'. Not only is the stylophone the world's smallest electronic organ... But - of all the instruments ever designed - it is, without a doubt, the easiest one to master. The stylophone is based on the simplе action of writing. In other words: if you can write - you can master thе stylophone in fifteen minutes.

On the sleeve of this record, you will see that I'm holding what appears to be a ballpoint pen. It is, in fact, the writing implement that you use to produce the musical sounds on the stylophone keyboard. It's called a 'stylus' - hence the name 'stylophone'. Heh. Well, that's fairly obvious, isn't it? Anyway... By simply touching the stylus onto the keyboard of the stylophone - that is, the simple action of putting a pen to paper - you can play rapid glissandos in seconds, without ever having touched a musical instrument before. Listen to this - this is a glissando:

[Glissando plays, rising and falling three times over.]

See? Hah! To play glissandos such as you've just heard on any conventional instrument... Well, it would take you years of study and practice. Yet, anybody can achieve this in seconds with a stylophone. Learning your scales is so easy. No need to even lift the stylus from the keyboard. You just glide along the keys, as though you were drawing a line on a piece of paper...

[Major scale plays, rising and falling once.]

And scales - as you know - are the basis of all music. So, once you've mastered the scales, you're well on the way to becoming a musician. Let's listen to some of the effects you can produce with the stylophone. First of all, this is the basic (or pure) organ tone - which you might use for some of the more staccato type music. Like this:

[The melody for Jingle Bells plays (up to the phrase 'one horse open sleigh - hey!')]

Or, just by flicking a switch, you can get a vibrato (or tremolo) effect - that is used for slower tempos. Or melodic, nice tunes like this one:

[Slower moving melody plays on stylophone.]

And now, by placing your free hand on top of the stylophone - you can not only control the volume...

[Tone plays, starting loud and getting quiet.]

But, you can also achieve different tone colors, by shaping and cupping your hand over the speaker grille - and moving it in various ways. Listen:

[Warbling tones play a melody.]
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