Rolf Harris

"Rolf Harris introduces the revolutionary Stylophone (side 2)"

Hello again. You know, the ideal way to get the most enjoyment out of a stylophone - is to play along with records. And for this purpose, we've produced a great selection of special play-along records and tune books. Like, uh, for example - Christmas carols and traditional tunes. And there's a special Glen Miller album, with all his favorites. Uh, tunes like Moonlight Serenade. Pennsylvania Six-Five Oh-oh-oh... Remember that one? Chattanooga Choo-Choo. At Last. All fantastic stuff. And there's a Latin Amеrican album with [puts on gruff bassy accent:] uh, love-uh-ly tunes likе Laura, and How About-uh You?, and Brazil-uh. All, uh, make me wanna get up and dance! [Back to normal speaking voice.] Relax Rolf... [*Clears throat*]. Don't get carried away now. [Makes various animal noises.] Settle down...

Seriously though, let's play along with a track from Book #1. This is a lovely traditional tune called: Coming Through the Rye... I've just slipped the record on the record player. [*Catching noise.*] That's it. Wait for the tuning signal, to see that the stylophone is in tune with the record.

Oh yeah! Ooh, I forgot to mention that. You can tune your stylophone up or down, to match any other instrument or a record player, simply by turning a little control knob. [Tone starts.] Oops, here's the signal. Now, the stylophone - you look for the key marked 'A'. And you play that, and it... Ooh! You see now it's slightly out of tune. So, I just hold that note on there, and I turn the knob at the back. And just move the stylophone note into tune with the one on the record... There you go - now we're in tune.

Now, just wait for the introduction. And away we go.

[A stylophone arrangement of Coming Through the Rye plays, for approximately 01:12.]

There you go. As simple as writing. By the way - I played that tune through a special battery powered amplifier, called the Dübreq 125. Got the name? Dübreq 125. This is also available from your local stylophone dealer.

And... Just to finish up with - let me tell you about some youngsters I've met. They've formed themselves into a stylophone group called - hahaha, you'll never believe this... They call themselves 'Printed Circuit'. Good name, eh?

So, let's listen to what a little bit of practice can do. As we hear five stylophones played by a group of enthusiatic fourteen year olds.

[A stylophone arrangement of A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum plays for approximately 01:03, before Harris continues speaking on top of the track.]

This fantastically low-priced instrument has to be seen, and played, to be believed. A product of British design and ingenuity... It is, without doubt, the most revolutionary introduction to music ever produced. As I said, when I first heard it - the stylophone is the greatest little instrument of the century.

[The record closes, with the last few seconds of the A Whiter Shade of Pale arrangement.]
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