"McDonalds Drug PSA"

I'm Michael Jordan, McDonalds restaurants have given me this time to talk about something we both really care about. Kids. Kids are the reason McDonalds sponsors the "Get it straight" program, a national drug awareness effort. Think about this, many of you using drugs out there now, are under 18. Do you realize that at 18 you have lived only 1/4 of your life? When using drugs, you're only cheating yourself out of the chance to find out who you really can be, and believe me, if you don't use drugs, you can be just about anything you think you can be. Listen, you got atleast 3/4 of your life to go, that's three more lifetimes to you, so don't blow it, don't do drugs, if you're doing it, stop it, get some help. McDonalds wants you to get youself a chance, a chance to find out all the wonderful things you really can be. And so do I.

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