Everybody telling me the way I should go
But nobody knows The thoughts I think

Talking down to me like I'm a 7 year old
Just do what your told Don't follow your dreams

Because art is just a hobby that'll never provide
Unless you're a carbon copy or a stereotype
You'll be depressed, sit, wait for the day to go by
(day to go by, day to go bye)

Guess it's time that I change my life
Even if i'm doing it out of spite
Get off your ass, Get off your ass
Get your sh*t together

How do you know where i'll pro-bully go
When alll of your cozy thoughts are your own?
Not mine let alone i'm tryin to go
Change lives so go cry and choke die and dont bother me

Chameleon on the cieling
Can't reach me with the longest tree limb
Butterscotch noodles i'm a hundred gold Buicks
My body is cruisin and oozin exuberance

You old past due like library book
Uncooked and expired left hooked like an ex pirate turned boxing ref
Float like a butterfly sting like an std
Heavily repping that double E.S. P
Fun and games in my mental state
Hopscotch head to the juice box please
Armoir kiddie c*cktail thought pross rockwell

Abnormal life! OH NO? ALright
I've almost grown out of this music phase
For real i tried to say good bye like Macey Grey
To wrap it send it trample it like macys day parade bouquets
I realize through crippled eyes my vision may seem lame
But yo
I have to sing its medicine
I need it i need it i need it
To drown out your ridicules
Repeating repeating repeating

Constantly constantly
Hear that nagging voice
Constantly constantly
Hear that nagging voice

It says Property property
Come to tax your joy
You'll always be a failure man
You dont have a choice

I'm rabid dont touch me and rabbit foot lucky
With a habbit of f*cking with average public
Masses i'm neil degrass tyson i'm one of the wise men
A venomous python just tryna

Laugh it off. nelson muntz
Lead peacfully like nelson does
Never bellieve someone elses thoughts
Because they dont surf the same wave

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