"2% Chest"

Crazy kid n*gga rich you lackin the common sense
If you sayin sh*t then little n*gga say it with yo chest
I'm unstoppable and in the business of slashin and baggin heads
Unstable i'm not kidding, test me, actually get hit

'cause i'll smack you in the lip
Then attack you with my fists
Not the quickest to get p*ssed
For you i'll gladly make exceptions
Then you'll catch us fighting b*tch
Like Micheal Vic its interception
Had to smack you silly 'cause i never really wield a weapon

Everytime some dummy try to go produce some beef
Its always from a Muthaf*cka with some Bobble headed teeth
Go gobble up your speech
And think before you speak
Before I drop a bow and leave you low note in the streets
Of C HI, floods capri high, please ask me why my face look p*ssed
Snuff the bullsh*t before you draw in the flies
b*tch you cut off from my life

Everyone thats talkin sh*t
Go suck a di*k
And choke all on that 2%
While you pretend
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