f*ckin weirdo like R Crumb
Rizzely gooey lookin disney movie dumbo fishy forest gump gumbo
Stay depressed in the south west side of Humboldt
I stick out like icicles i scream like out of Boredoms

O sucker. you know thats not my name you muthaf*cka
Pants floodin gangstabilly drive by trucker
I'm an awkward doctor singing opera operating ovulating broads
Potters sight a wand malaria sick magic mana

Infect reveal my presence in your essence
And leave an imprint on your thalamus
Disconcert your pallet make your face turn with disgust
You bring out the gray i'll break away like bits of rust

I knew its too good to be true
A dude like me with you
Thats like a quadriplegic finishing a rubix cube
Thats like some baggy jean shorts fitting up on skinny dudes
No. thats like a dude named nnamdi ending up with you

I treated you like perfection improved but
Like jenga you were only interested in what you could remove
Took my heart and chopped it moderately to consume
I shoulda seen this sh*t coming like a big dude hunting a moose
That di*k cheneys loose
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