"BRAND NEW CLONE Ft. Luscious Duncan"

GIRL ME & YOu soft on the eyes like baby blue
Together when spotted be the greatest two
Uber close the most kinetic duo since
Sonny and cher our chemistry's a hydro pair
We spark a flare like flint and steel
Your sex a a peel slip princess buttercups shriek on my eel

You made me feel good
But i.. i did the opposite to you
I want a redo
So I can do this properly

I'm so willing to admit
I took this relationship and f*cked it up
You despise me now I realize I was the lucky one

I want you to stay put
What do i gotta do to make you not wanna leave?
Clean up my sh*t like a mutha f*ckin vacuum
Beat up every n*gga every time they lookin at you?
What would that do? coulda had you
But the mistake was mine now you said goodbye
On the outside i look fine but if you leave i'll lose my feckin mind

I dont really know what i would do if you would go
Think of everything that made you great
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