"SHE JUST WANNA prod. by Daniel Velazquez"

She dont need no show tick rip it off the stub
Body got that low grip midget give a hug
She dont need no clothes 'cept lubricated glove
She dont need no boyfriend she just wanna

f*ck goin' shopping
Lil B i'm G. Ramsey chopping
Cooking up a couple things to say
To this lady tryna make her let a goofy dude take her on a date

She stares me up and down she's all see saw smart with her
Hesitant look no it doesnt look good
Hella sick of all these n*ggas tryna reel her on their hooks

I know you're probably tired of dealing with these idiots
And she said what makes you different?
Vibe for a sec and let me know if you're not feeling this
She's tickled. she giggled. so then we hit it off

Why would i wanna ride with you?
I've got a nicer car
Surprised my purse is full of money 'cause i'm workin two jobs?

Dont need no

I know you ain't got much
But sh*t your better than the bunch
I'm tight i'm tired and desire loosening up
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