"Grape Gil (BUST)"

Grape gil with a cannibal, eat it up
Fingers Hannibal animal gut feeling
I'm gon bite again I dont know why or when
So I pop pills like an addict not feelin nothin
Chase kill and devour i'm a predator you better run
Cuz I have been takin lives again

Drive mad on her like a virgin and I'm merging into new meats
Christmas passed I'm really glad I asked for my front two teeth
Sharper. Gonna tear through you like an Archer
Barker. Faster than you Blink snaggin arteries

Clogged. clogged. clogged up in my jaw
Supple body makes me wanna summarize you spark
Gotchya! Red handed flaming hot Sriracha
Puzzled look will leave your body jumbled like a captcha

I dont wanna eat you but I have to
Bad news for you, ITs the Muthaf*ckin Rapture
NEver thought i'd have this habit nervous with this hatchet
Chop chop you of my check list
Toss toss you in the fridge with

All all these others killed and I know I will regret this
Nah. Raw meats good eats. This a f*cking feast
PLease dont squirm
It'll only make sure my hunger increases
Human flesh on my breath. so I never speak
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