Dr. Seuss

"(Moss-Covered Three-Handled) Family Gredunza"

[The Cat in the Hat]
There's a gradunza-snitcher in the house
And without my gradunza, things will never be the same
How dear to my heart was that beautiful gradunza
That my old feline father bequeathed to me
That old family gradunza, The old, three-handled family gradunza, The old, moss-covered, three-handled family gradunza
That hung on the family tree
I've been burgled--thwertled by a fish
Awww Give it back to him Mr. Krinklebine
Come on now, don't be mean
[The Fish]
But I didn't steal his whatis, I'm guiltless, I'm clean
[The Cat in the Hat]
Thwertled by a fish
I'll never see, my darling moss-covered, three-handled family gradunza anymore......

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