London on da Track

"Ear Candy"

Lyrics from Snippet

Tell me what you see in me baby?
Gotta be, something different
You must be made for me, patience is everything
In and out, in and out, in and out
Arguing, arguing
Different code, baby no
I don't know, why you love me more?
You got it babe, you got it babe for me, baby
[?] been actin' cray, I miss baby
Nobody else but you
Nobody else could make this move
Nobody else had a clue
What I could do, what I could do
The right amount of love, the right amount of trust, the right amount of di*k
No matter what has happen he always think that I'm throwin' a fit
Right amount of words, the way you want me and talkin' to me
No matter what, no, woah
You love me [...]

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