Try To See It My Way - The Original Cast Album lyrics


Ricky Nelson

There you are lonely as can be
Still you keep resisting me
Won't you please try to see it my way
Just for once try to see it my way
I want the best for you

Tell me how I can make you see that I understand
Let me lend a helping hand
Won't you please try to see it my way
Just for once try to see it my way
And I will see you through

Don't you know the most important thing
That someone can be taught
Is that living is learning to share
It soon may be too late for us
So don't turn away from those who show they care

Come on and take my hand, let me lead the way
I won't let you go astray
Won't you please try to see it my way
I'm so sure if you see it my way
It's gonna be so fine
So wonderful and fine
Now while there still is time
Try to see it my way
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