"The Speech"

I never thought I’d see the day I would diss someone
Well today is the day, be prepared as I come spraying fire like a dragon
Goddamn, I wish you’d all stop braggin’
About how so-called great you are
I kinda wish y’all never made it far
So what am I supposed to do about a girl who wears a ref shirt in her videos
I wish you’d shut the f*ck up, I don’t want it, i don’t want that, no
Making videos about students finding out your channel, clogging up a toilet and making comic panels
Yeah, f*ck You Emily, you suck at it all
Better off licking Prince’s balls
[Beat Changes]
One target wasn’t enough
I gotta aim more, gotta aim tough
I hope you have it bad, I hope you have it rough
It’s over, enough is enough
Carry that baseball bat around you clown
But when you encounter me, it’s all going down
You don’t tell nothin but lies
It’s no surprise that Turkey Tom went against you once
Tabbes, get your mind out the gutter
You’re way less smooth than peanut butter
[Beat changes]
There’s more to this speech, there’s more that I’ll teach
I’m the kinda guy that you don’t wanna meet
If this offends you then motherf*ck yourself
You’re a grown man, not some naive elf
Swallow your red pill, this is the truth
Who’s gonna win and who’s gonna lose?
It’s very obvious who’s gonna win
And it ain’t the manchild Australian
Sultan Sketches, what is wrong with you?
You don’t deserve no subscribers and views
[Beat Changes]
Hey there’s one more
One more I’m gonna talk about
A half Asian boy I can do without
Watching sh*t animes like N.G.N.L
If you hate what I say, go to hell
Your character sen ain’t even that sexy
She ain’t no Erin Scarlet, she’s so crappy
But this about the creator, and I say f*ck you b*tch
You ain’t nothing but a goddamn clown Daidus

f*ck em’
Stingin’ at em like a scorpion
They ain’t ever gonna win
And oh yeah
Emirichu is a goddamn Twinkie

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