"Hip Hop"


I still remember the Hip Hop Shop days
All I ever wanted was to get props, not praise
A couple eyebrows, just to send shock-shockwaves
Through the underground, b-b-but not like this
This is when the sh*t g-g-g-got, got crazy
I was in the studio with the Doc, Doc Dre-zy
That's all I remember 'fore the sh*t got, got hazy
Then we made a song called "M-m-my Name Is" (Yeah)
And it skipped right over hip-hop, into hip-hop stations
Top 40 on radio, the kid got famous (Woo!)
He made it, but this was j-j-just not the way this
Was supposed to go, I'm afraid to say this but-
*transition to "It's Been Real"*

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