"Eminem - “Music To Be Murdered By” Review"

Eminem - "Music To Be Murdered By" Review
By: Jentrick Pollywag

Out of absolutely nowhere with no heads up, notorious rapper Eminem dropped his eleventh studio album “Music To Be Murdered By”. It was 18 tracks long, and it was just under mediocre in my opinion. The album got a semi-decent amount of praise from fans and some critics, and I feel like they were simply blinded by how bad Eminem’s last two albums were. Though, I would say this album is definitely better than Kamikaze and Revival, simply because of his lyrical flows, probably the most loved thing people have been saying about this album. The features varied from irritating to a point of sheer pain to okay. Quite a few tracks on this album were disgusting and deserved to be burned, while this album does have its fair share of decent bangers. Though, the rating of one of the more boring and normal tracks on this album would be, as I said, just sub-mediocre. With all of those factors evenly weighing eachother out, I can confidently give this record a 3.5/10. Thank you

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