"Skip This Ad"

[Intro: KXNG Crooked]
I let my chopper off on Facebook Live, yeah
I'm doin' every drug on Instagram right now (Right now)
I let my chopper off on Facebook Live, yeah (Brrt, brrt, brrt!)
I'm doin' every drug on Instagram right now
D-d-dab, d-d-dab, d-d-dab, in five minutes, you can skip this ad
In five minutes, you can skip this ad, yeah, d-d-dab
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a (Shh) minute

[Verse 1: Demetrius & Kenny]
Metaphors in Medu Neter, leave you dead on the stretcher
Kemetic intelligence with a melanin texture
I'm addressin' the elephant, you fellas is steppin'
A Weapon X in my skeleton to set off metal detectors (Yeah)
Tinted windows in a rental with a pistol, n*gga
I can get you, but I'ma hit you on a instrumental
Presented by Em, ho (Yep), and I’m Imhotep
Surgical like that medical expert
Now I got a nine piece, aim it at your mind
Better pray, better find your God, I'm feelin' like Pac
Better call on Yahweh, Amun-Ra, n*gga find Allah
Find Allah, because I'm rippin' artists to shreds
That mean find your arm, leg, leg, arm and your head

That sh*t inside of me is sick as sodomy
Stickin' gonorrhea di*k inside of a body that's already dead (Ugh)
I'm top dog like a bottomless pit
But I don't do tricks, except when I'm c*ckin' your b*tch
She in the mall, shopping for sh*t
She throwin' a tantrum, damn I mean copping a fit
Face it, you ain't sh*t
But me and my brothers able to shape shift
One minute I'm Demi, the other minute I'm Kenny
The other minute I'm apesh*t

Julius take this
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