"John Diss"

Suck a D, b*tch, like a hooker with a f*cked up cleavage
The f*ck you'd be, b*tch, without me?
Shoulda' charged a fee for the masters I gave you for free
Did so much for the community
Now, it's you and me dueling
Who is he?
Oh, its john banana the man I thought who had manners
Can't plan a vacation, no patience
Can't go away since he'll say sh*t
Guess you a gay b*tch cause bananas are fruity!
The part that looks like booty is heavy duty like diarrhea
And I'm a nightmare, to the mic
I might appear , quite queer
My mic's clear

I just killed that sh*t motherf*cker
I just killed that sh*t
Fire Homie
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