"One Day At A Time"

Sometimes its hard, to wake up in the morning
Mind full of demons, I dont wanna hear 'em anymore
Got me heartbroken, fine, So many babies screamin
Cuz they seeing destruction before they see a human being
So they start smokin weed, we'll never get our day
Until we learn to pray, keep our families safe
Cuz they all broken, why? Two ghetto birds die
Before we learn to fly
Somebody else can say im pokin guns, smokin weed
Can all make the change so im told but i haven't seen a change unfold
I keep hopin, please! If you prefer to breath
Communities in need, of people that we lead
Keep your eyes open now, then only say I try
Until the day I die, I promised to be wise
With my heart open, greed, brings only misery
A weight of tragedy, so I stay sucker free
Only a few chosen rise, my ghetto queens rise
Dont be afraid to try, too many of us die
For the thought of hopen wise, my brothers speak wise
They focus on the prize, till everybody dies

I spit it slow so these kids know that I'm talking to em
Give it back to these damn critics and sock it to em
I'm like a thug, with a little bit of 'Pac influence
I spew it, and look how I got you b*tches rocking to it
You motherf*ckers could never do it like I can do it
Don't even try it, you'll look stupid, do not pursue it
Don't ever in your life try to knock the truest
I spit the illest sh*t ever been dropped in 2-inch
So ticky-tock, listen as the sound ticks on the clock
Listen to the sound of Kim as she licks on the c*ck
Listen to the sound of me spilling my heart through this pen
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