"MCF4dden Diss"

sh*t you dissed me?
Must've missed it, or didn't listen
Or the sh*t was so sh*t that I just dismissed it, quit your b*tchin'
Oh, you mean that poem that you wrote and tried to flow on that no one even noticed?
What the f*ck does that amount to?
You was beggin' me and John to put it on S.F.A.L.P. 2
And we said no, that sh*t is so trash
Don't let me him know that, though
Ok, I know I'm fly, but not enough to swat
You say I'm insignificant, you being a prick again
But your a pin prick who's living in your moms basement
Let's be calm, face it, your wasted
If you think you can waste me, you must be drunk of the rona
Or be smoking some laced weed
When the f*ck I ever claim to be a pimp, you crazy?
Gеt your facts straight
I don't use gimp, you lazy, I'll make you act gay
I'll photoshop you in Ems photo op, make you givе a blowjob to him
You 'bout to get your brain murdered
You say I'm a simp, but last I checked, you're in the same servers
Only 8 year olds dying is the ones you rape, you pedo
You called 10 year old me cute
Don't even know what the f*ck to say
I put bully on my encore redone, but you a bully, this is encore, we done
C'mon whore, lets run the ones
Since when the f*ck does Botiz do upscales?
Lets compete, we'll see if he prevails
I laugh extra when I see these guys act better
Your face looks like it was upscaled from Minecraft textures
Don't ever f*ck with me again, you might unleash the beast within
I try to kill you in MC, better press F4, or I'll put you in the den
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