Intro (Not A Sampler) lyrics



What's good, y'all?
Aye, check this out real quick
This project you're about to hear is not a sampler
It's a bunch of songs with samples though
(Boo! *Get the f*ck off the stage*)
Okay, okay, maybe that was a little corny, I know, but look
This tape has all the good sh*t bruh, for real, look
I'm talking about some classics
I'm talking about some classic Em samples
Some classic Phil Collins samples
That classic Metallica sh*t, all that sh*t bruh, aye
I put Bell Biv DeVoe and Phil Collins together on the same song, b*tch!
(You think I'm playing? I ain't f*cking playing, sh*t!)
Old dude from Linkin Park, you know the rapper dude, Mike?
He scored a movie, and guess what? I sampled that sh*t!
We got a Limp Bizkit vibe on deck ready to go
Some OutKast vibes and some Oasis vibes
Am I forgetting anything? Oh!
And I sampled that movie Step Brothers
Bet you don't know who MC Shy D is huh? Mm-hmm!
Do you even know what's being sampled right now on this beat?
This is f*cking Peep Show by 50 Cent and Eminem bruh, off that Curtis album, you know what I'm saying? Aye, ha!
Bruh, this-- this is just one of them joints that, like
When you make the beat to it, and sh*t
And you can't find nothing to rap over
Anyways, man f*ck this sh*t! f*ck it, just f*ck it all, bro!
f*ck it, let's get into this madness, it's not a sampler though
(Alright, I'mma need everybody to keep their hands and feet insdie of their seat at all times, or else you might die)
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