"Fortnite Season 5 Recap Rap"

Following the spectacle and destruction
Of the atmosphere last night
Experts are warning
There could be strange anomalies
Appearing in our world...
If you see any
Please, report them!

It's the summer holidays
I'm dropping in with all my friends
Empty mags and getting frags
We're driving people 'round the bend
It's the trend
Every round of Fortnite
Heading on a ROAD TRIP
With BB, feeling alright
A DOUBLE BARREL in the trolley
Its a hobby
Ain't nobody gonna stop me

But all of a sudden
I can see something is shining
It's glinting in the distance
The light becomes to blinding!
I thought we left Minecraft?!
There shouldn't be no diamonds!

I can see our worlds colliding!
Splicing these realities is
Scary but exciting
It's frightening!!
And now there's sand that's falling everywhere
I think i got a little in my shoe
And in my nasal hairs

The RACE TRACK is out back
On the ATK
What's the crack
With the name of this car
On the track?
It's exactly what I've needed
For a while now
Give my legs a little rest
And I can roll out with my squad now!

Exactly did this stuff get everywhere?
NOMS is on the north coast
But Burgie's chilling over here?
I'm just a little bit mythed
This guy named Drift
Says we're all inside a video game
And he was brought here by the RIFT?!

Is this guy having us on?
I can't believe it's true!
Let's take him up to LAZY LINKS
To play a round of golf or two
And afterwards
I'm going to treat us all to pizza!
Don't know where the head has gone
I'll take 2 margarita's!

Then everybody's wanting
Dessert in the desert
But cactus juice ain't very pleasant
I'm craving me a snowcone
I don't mind a little spillage
So we hop aboard our ATK's and
Make our way to VIKING VILLAGE

The peaks are ever so tall
So we think that the GRAPPLER's
Gonna be a good call!
When we get to the top
We're all laughing
Can't stop because
No one's ever told Drift
To never eat the yellow snow
We're all huddled 'round and cackling
There's a RIFT

But now I see it all from up high!
I can't be mad about the MIRE
Or the PRISON wipe
Because it looks like
We got another brand new city
It's so pretty!
It's a pity
That this landing spot will be so busy

To shred the little noobs in PARADISE
Crying that I've '"fixed the game"
As if i were a bag of rice
Look twice!
Cus over there on the floor
I'm pretty sure I just seen myself
A freaking Dinosaur?!

The music's blaring at the pool party
MERMAN's downing chug jugs
And CHOMP is splashing
Acting naughty
Factor 40
Cus the sun is bouncing off the sand dunes
Now it's getting pretty late
Which means we'll have to bounce soon!

Then came the first of the jolts
And the bolts
Of the lightning
From the RIFT an assault
On the cacti
As on died
Another was next
Didn't expect
A barrage
And a cube to be left
What is next?!

This purple block here is a mystery
Snap a shot for DUSTY DINER
Mark it down in history
But all i went and did was poked it!
Flipping 'round the world
And branding runes
The ground is toasted!

It's so sick!
That the bubbles mess with gravity
And slightly blurs my vision
Now I think we need some clarity
Where's it going?
What's it doing?
Why's it by the water?
It's creeping closer to the edge
It's leaning over, teetering
Another centimeter more
I'm pretty sure it's falling in

And then the cube just sank...

It's looking like a lush bath bomb
Or maybe Ribena in the sun too long
Whatever it is deserves it's own dang song
But now we feel a SHOCKWAVE
And a rumbling...
The RIFT is acting up again?!

TOMATOHEAD is back and
Things are getting mental
With his noggin' on a TEMPLE
Is that not how you all pronounce it?
But it doesn't matter
Lets just bow down to the master
Got the sporks up in his crown
His tatted sleeve is only getting radder

These creepy clones are riding on the sign
Warning 'bout a RAGNAROK
And saying we don't have much time
That's fine
Just go and carry out your mission
Couldn't stop you if I wanted to
You take the reigns, it's your decision

Should i be hopping in the bunker?
Try to build myself a boat?
Or maybe try to get to space or something?

Will the island fall to rubble?
Which of us comes out alive?
A cliffhanger for this banger
That's the end of Season 5

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