Letter To My Old Friends lyrics


Selena Gomez

We Global Now

This a letter to my old friends
Heard them n*ggas sick go do a riding
Stick gone do em in
Switch from overseas I might just feel her bro just flew em in
Ion care nun bout the gym my lil bro he the opposite
And Im having bands inside my hands like this Monopoly
This hoe keep di*kriding me, just keep on going
The way these hoe just keep sending drops on me she need a warrant
She a playa hoe, I f*cked her then record her like im knowing but you not
Got a brand new Hellcat and Im gone snatch it off the lot
They dont know bout pain insidе, I got demons in my eyes
I see dеmons in the sky (oh no no )
Man theres too much on my mind
Man these n*ggas ain't my kind
Imma shoot that b*tch one time and watch em fall down
They couldn't get in touch with me and they assume its true
I heard my opp got Smith & Wesson, Its a Glock got two
I can't even cry no more
Lil b*tch want relations had to tell her that im lying on her (hell no)

[Verse] (Lil Rez)
Its too late to hop up in these streets you pushin 21
I know a n*gga who had envied me he died he got no gun (22)
I know a n*gga facing 23 on trial without no bonds
Say Ma Dukes come check your oldest before you be without no son (b*tch)
All my Li1s know is crash, my lil bro be on is dumb sh*t
I mention lay up in yo grass and im gone get you fences spinned (yeah)
These n*ggas bragging on these hoes like we ain't hit that
Tryna beef a rat that sh*t a mismatch
And I had the block all on my hands, swear I was riding with switches
Playing I couldn't imagine this, I really came from bad sh*t
My b*tch she rarely ask for sh*t
But when she ask she know imma get it
I just OD off these pills
I done popped another seal
My momma been had said dont trust em, Mommas statement
Imma creep up on the opps and I can't wait till they gone
I call my man up on the interstate, I tried to chase em
My man might shoot and take your face of with that stick like Jason
[Verse] (TG Global)
They been having smoke with me, im tryna lay sum
He gone do it for me, do it for free all he know is Red Rum
Still stuck on them days, ain't have sh*t but a crumb
But now I can pop out with a honey bun
Know a couple n*ggas who walking down, n*ggas better run
If I pick up the phone and send them blicks they coming with a tonne
Been fighting through thunderstorms wish I could see the sun
Let em run em I can't go swear Im my Mommas only son
Thank God Im 1 of 1
Keep hearing Imma blow
Still on papers why the f*ck Im taking pictures with my pole
I should meet her on my momma, my b*tch know I never froze
And this stick gone hold a hundred, I ain't slime but Ill wipe his nose
Got a few patnas hating on me and do time and get exposed
But I ain't tripping
(oh no, oh no)

We Global Now
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