Evan Craft

"Be Alright"

[Verse 1: Evan Craft]
There's a name that can silence every fear
There's a love that embraces, the heartache, the pain, and the tears
Through my faith and my doubting, I know one thing for sure
His word is unfailing, His promise secure

[Chorus: Evan Craft]
Todo va a estar bien
Everything will be alright
The whole world's in His hands
Your whole world's in His hands
In the darkness and the trials
He's faithful and He is true
The whole world's in His hands
Y todo va a estar bien
Everything will bе alright

[Verse 2: Danny Gokey, Danny Gokey & Evan Craft, Evan Craft]
Mm yeah, uh
Father, You say evеrything is gonna be alright
But my circ*mstances say I won't last through the night
I need Your word to hold me now, need You to pull me through
I need a miracle, a breakthrough, I need You

They say You hold the whole universe in Your hand
But my world's falling apart like it is made of sand

Am I small enough to slip through the cracks?
Can You take my broken pieces and put them back
Give me faith to believe that You are on my side
Open my eyes to see You working in my life
Let the past remind me You never fail
You tell my soul "It is well", oh (It is well)
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