Lil B


[Intro: Lil B]
It's Lil B
Statik Selektah, I see you
Shout out OKC
It's Lil B
I know that Based God is not fair
What I'm doing (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Jabee]
Yeah, yeah young, dumb, and dangerous
All my dead homies call it angel spit
I'm trying to fight the power like I'm Chuck D
I put that on my momma you can trust me
A full course meal is just bread and wine
Break bread with my homies [?] design
You can't shake hands with a clenched fist
Family's like a million bucks when you homeless
I ain't trying to die until I really live
Some people had to die so I could really live
You say you real so you feel this?
You only real to who you real with
Fake n*ggas always bragging 'bout they realness
Saying grace with the devil on their plate, yeah
Probably kissing Judas in the face
Some homies lift you up, some try to kick you in your place
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