Lil B

"Route 29 Cruisin’"

[Verse 1: Machoman Karthik]

First friend from first days
Yellow bus seatmate til you went away
Never said goodbye, man I regret that

So I found the dragon balls and brought you back

Skype hyperbolic friendship after sundown
Race to gold is what it's about
I could beat you wif only 1 hend, I ain't got no doubt
But you'll bet against yourself, and probably cash out

You're ghosty, prosey, nosey, broly
Start your own business low key Homie

Goddamn sporadic, but so charismatic
Yo grass on acid, and a 7 wondies addict

Crusin in the accord, Pink + white skies on the way home
Jump off the edge, to skrillex and diplo
Clubbing with JB, and Good vibes at mad decent
I'mma bounce beat like it got hydraulics in that g string

[Chorus: Machoman Karthik]

Cruisin' down the 29
Real good beats and big open skie-i-ies
StephGoesToChile right by your side
Real homies they never say goodbye goodbye
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