Lil B

"Down the Road"

Ayy, down the road, ho
Yeah, down the road, ho
Ayy, yeah, ayy
This some serious sh*t

[Verse 1: BLOODCLOT$]
I tell 'em I ain't noticed, then watch 'em roll by
Make a ruckus movin' down the road
Illustrate the proper image, off and off and on
This sh*t has so many visits
He made a left, then he made a right
My God, is this the motherf*ckin' stories of Christ? Down the road
b*tch can't handle where the f*ck the crash landin'
If I'm still still standin'
f*ck out of the basket, I bid my bid, sh*t
[?] of b*tches, when it's all hassle
Plenty other f*ckers ask for this, see n*gga?
I will never hand them out the answer, yes sir
Because they doin' as they please
I be gettin' money doin' all kinds of things, goin' down the road
She talk to me like business down the road
There was way too many fishes down the road
Shatterin' hoes' fish tanks
With the rope on deck, scatterin' DNA, I'm sprayin'
Tryna turn your complaints, was never playin' the same
Tellin' me bullsh*t, never can not defame
f*ckin' askin' me questions, I ain't no search engine
f*ck yo' Google and yo' motherf*ckin' search engine
Motherf*cker got no [?], she raise the night, b*tch
You mad 'cause I just see you as a dancer and that's it, b*tch
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