Shine lyrics


Lil B

[Verse 1]
When I'm home alone and I'm in my zone
My energy starts slipping when I answer the phone
Never been hung up
But I’ll leave you on the dial tone
Why you calling collect?
You know that ain't the vibe, bro
I made it through new ports
Cigarettes at the port of Oakland, most spots
My team lost again, we came back in the fourth
You never seen shooters heat up like a torch
I can't talk about them plays coach, It's my fault
Ima still grind and Ima still shine

[Verse 2]
Living through my new growth, I’m not locked up
That's why I’m on my square sh*t, stay boxed up
And if i really wanna change, I’ll get a low-cut
And if you really wanna bang, I’ll short-change ya’
Harmonious man, like Yuri
Young Russian, Ukraine, they all my family
We get money together
In the sun of the stormy weather
Let the rain pour the eagles rise
Dark shades on, we don't see those guys
And when the moon comes out lookin’ fine
I don't get jealous, 'cause I’ma still shine

[Verse 3]
Yeah I’m still hyphy
Long live ? This is boy meets world
Based god meets girl, Rolls Royce chauffeur
I f*ck with ? so you know it's no fur
Have you ever ever lost hope? No sir
Have you ever ever went broke? No sir
This is my body, it's not yours
I'm a human just like you
You send threats I write checks we the Nike crew
I've lost playlist, iPods, I cry
No lights lookin’ in the sky
I'ma still shine, yeah, shine

Keep your head up from Albany, California
To Berkeley, California, I’ma shine
El Cerrito, California
Richmond, California
Oakland, California
The whole bay area
Vallejo, California
Brentwood, California
Concord, California
Walnut Creek, California
Alamo, California
The whole world-wide, man
I know Lil B, shoutout to The BasedGod
We're making history
Shoutout Kanye West, man
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