If I would write a song about my friends
It would be an interlude
I mean, there wouldn’t be a lot to listen to
Ya see, ‘cause all of them is in my recent calls
In the upper region, I don’t even need to scroll
It’s no coincidence they talk too much
I’m kinda thinkin’ that it’s all my fault
‘cause I could sit around for hours while they play a game of FIFA And be in the same room and not converse at all
Most of them is just a bunch of f*ckin’ nerds
My boy B is always gettin’ on my nerves
All he talks about is pus*y steady chasin’ his di*k
Either that or crypto currency, tryna get rich
Sometimes this dude is slower than a seashell
The sh*t he says you would think he needs help
But we been through sh*t together man we seen hell
Plus he sees the bigger picture and he means well
Speakin’ of bigger shoutout to little Zeus
He came up with that himself, he’s only 5.2
No pun intended but if he wasn’t so flaky
He could roll into any business he would set his mind to
Lazy sh*t didn’t even finish high school
Honestly, who doesn’t even finish high school
But now he’s teachin’ kids at the same school he quit
Gettin’ paid for that sh*t
That’s a class act, nice move
Speakin’ of moves, I love you MJ
This man could get himself arrested on a Wednesday
This man’ll skip a meal faster than a leg day
But eat some pus*y ‘til his jaw hurts and neck aches
Speed is for the focus, xannies for a snooze
Coke to stay awake and maybe level out the booze
Lean is for the vibe and every now and then some adderall Really, I don’t even know what that is for
This is not a song it’s an interlude
Maybe something even RDL would listen to
I always feel like it’s the crazy sh*t we’re livin’ through
That ends up being all the blessings that were given you
So whatever thoughts you let live in you
Just know the universe will mimic you
Whatever voices you let live in you
You should know which ones to listen to
Which to fight, which to give in to
Which is fear and which isn’t you

When to act when to think it through It’s all love that I’m wishin’ you Yeah, tough love that I’m givin’ you It’s all love that I’m wishin’ you Tough love that I’m

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