Poor young immigrant boy was one of many
‘till he came home rich with a pocket full of pennies
The pockets of his jeans almost tearin' at the seems
As he tried to make it home with a load they couldn’t carry Jeans sag until they fell onto the floor
Buttnaked but atleast he wasn't poor
He'd buy it all at the local candy store
So his shirt became a pouch in which he could carry more, and Now he’s tryna make it home before the sun sets
Sneakin' in ‘cause his momma's gon be upset
If she'd know about the pennies in his pockets
He would have to give it up or even tell her where he got it
And then he'd never get the big white chocolate
Ice cream cone with the rainbow toppin'
Snuck up the stairs when his brother wasn't there
So he hid it up the upper left shelf of his closet
Days passed and the funds wouldn't last
19 pennies left, tryna do the math
Just ate a footlong strawberry bubblegum
20 pennies is enough to get another one
The lady at the counter smiles
He’s a penny short
So he smiles back, it’s a real lifesaver
Walkin' down the block on his own in his denim shorts
Swing a footlong pack of gum like a lightsaber
Chasin’ ghosts that were scattered through the block
‘til he damn near worn down the black on his soles
White coats fix the cavities he got
But nobody could've known about the gap in his soul
He's just an immigrant boy and one of many
When he got scarred for life for a pocket full of pennies
Things he doesn't need dominate his daydreams
‘cause the other kids in class all grow up with plenty
So he went from being broke to being broken
Went from feelin’ unseen to being chosen
How could anybody ever understand
A young man who's confined within words unspoken
There's no solace for a broken soul
We roam soulless ‘cause it's all we know
We all blind but we sleep well at night
Saying God bless the child that can hold his own
But I don't condone
I say God bless the child that don't pray for help
God bless the child that don't pray for help

Only you know what it's like to have to save yourself Only you know what it's like, only you know
Only you know
Only you know

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