Spark Master Tape

"Go Bananas"

[Intro: bbno$]
Ayy, man, the, the f*ck you mean
You ain't heard of no f*ckin' Lentra, the God?

[Verse 1: Yung Gravy & bbno$]
I got the drip drop, icy hot wrist, that's a ice pack (Uh)
Think I'm Tim Horton with the Ice Cap
I used to get caught up with all these thots, forgot 'em
I never second guess, I shoot my shot, I got 'em
It's funny how I never check my watch, still got 'em
Problems without Baby Gravy, we just solve 'em
He ain't got the loud pack, tell that boy to speak up (Speak up)
New side b*tch short and stout like a tea cup (Tea cup)
I might get myself some fake tits, get some D-cups (Ayy, ayy)
Just so I can flex on my ex, she got C-cups

[Verse 2: bbno$]
Check the patterns, we keep goin' bananas
I see you nanas slippin'
Watch the blue shell do some damage
We in the back (b*tch)
We passin' six, five, four
Three, two, one, yeah, now we in the front
So I spent a big check on a car
Yeah, I would if I could, yeah
Everything I make is hard
You will like it 'cause it's good, yeah
Shorty, you better be playin'
Sorry you misunderstood, yeah
Baby, what the f*ck you sayin'
Nothing good rhymes with good

[Verse 3: Yung Gravy]
I could take a p*ss on a drum and the song would go dumb
Anesthesiolo-wrist make ya sh*t go numb
Get a freezie with ya b*tch, buddy, you could be my son
Yo mama lookin' like a fee-fi-fo-fum-head-ass motherf*cker
What's for supper? (Mmm)
She must think that I'm a sucker

[Verse 4: Spark Master Tape]
I stumble when I mumble, I look lazy, yeah
I'm in the Bay with Baby Gravy, feelin' hazy, yeah
I'm finna get paid with the Paper Gang, we goin' crazy, yeah
I'm 'boutta get laid with a b*tch that cook that soup up daily, yeah
I'm in the Cadillac, b*tches on, chicken soup, the dinner song
Thick as fog, b*tch's leg lookin' like a cricket, dog
Kill 'em off, whip it off, chillin' like a villain, dog
Built a bong out of aluminium and a Cinnabon
And y'all ain't want no smoke with the clique, nah
Lose your gold rope to my b*tch, yeah
Tape and the name been the same
Never fell off, on the way to a boat with them fellas
On the gang

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