FBG Duck

"Nah Fr"

Aye Major, Ion want no auto-tune
Ion want no auto-tune, f*ck allat sh*t
Gang gang since potty train, allat sh*t
You know what I'm sayin’

Aye, aye
I used to want to be like Jay-Z when I grow up
Aye, I was young, so what?
Now the kids wanna be like Duck when they grow up
Ain't that so nuts? (Yeahh, yeah)
Watch ya tone when you talk to me
'Less you wanna deal wit’ the consequences
That sh*t come wit' R.I.P
Awe he think he hard? Let's see how hard is he, aye
When the bullet hit his main artery
He can't run, aye
He can't breathe, aye
He got blood in his eyes, he can't see , aye
Okay they deep
Okay peep
I'm deep too, think this tool boy it's a piece
I got killas they gon’ ride til’ they on E, aye
They'll kill a n*gga, ’specially about me, aye
They'll leave a n*gga lookin' like he sleep, aye
But he deceased (He shouldn't have tweaked)
Aye, aye
When I shoot, get f*ck out my way-ay-ay-ay
Where you from? From the trey
On the internet, n*ggas act bra-a-a-ave
See they ass in person, piece of cake (aye)
When ya see me, pus*y have the same energy, aye
He gon’ try to act like he don't remember me, aye (Ooh)
n*ggas straight turn b*tch instantly, aye (Ooh)
Tryna tell me how he not my enemy (Ooh)
Boy you wanted these problems, I ain't give this sh*t to you
Now I got a few many [?] like the zoo
Once I let a bullet fly past (Phew!)
Just another Black male on the goddamn news
Ever since a n*gga got big money, my mind different
Ever since I bust down a Rollie, my time different
Been doin' this since way before them, my prime different
You like busted b*tches, I guess my kind different (Eww)
God blessed me wit' this brain I guess I'm mind gifted
Yo' gun on yo' waist, well b*tch I got mine lifted
The choppa got a knife on that b*tch, I'm cut different
One phone call, my shootas come handle they business
I ain't playin' fair, n*ggas ain' playin' fair neither
Told my Momma it's cold, so I stay wit' a heater
She like, "What you doin'?", sh*t, I ain't prayin' to no preacher
But I'll pray up to Jesus he protect me from evil (Nah for real)

Nah for real, nah for real
You know like....
I ain't prayin' to no motherf*ckin' preacher
But I would pray up to Jesus that he protect me from evil
You know like, ha, ha (Nah for real)
Like I ain't even tryna sound c*cky
But I jus' wanna know like, who gon' stop me?
Huh? namsayin (Nah for real)

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