Scammy Sosa lyrics


G4 Boyz

Baby come scam wit the guys
We ain't talking burgers and fries
I’ll give u 40 percent
All u gotta do
Just run up in side
African boy yeah we play
He say she say
Now i do checks and wires
I used to bust scams on ebay

Why nobody don’t touch em
African boy move savage
How them wires keep clearing
African boy know magic
The car on cpn
The crib on cpn
I cashed out 3 well fargo
I did it on a vpn

Chop chop chop chop
Baby that citi and chevy
Chop chop chop chop
We ain't talking machehtes

All of my guys they carry
Say she wana get married
African boy talk sweet
Baby thats sugar and garri
She wanna go on vaca
Took her to ghana
Fed her kenkay
This is not wakanda
I move hot like sauna
Baby im naija boy
Don’t call mе daddy
Call me baba
Oh you wanna chop with baba
Oh you wanna eat with baba

Get crazy
Gеt get get get
Get crazy
Get crazy
Say she got ac’s
But no id
You must be crazy
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