The Crane Wives

"Here I Am"

I'm getting tired of watching other people go
The lights on my street never come on
And the lines are overgrown

It's obvious now that I've been forgotten
The hollow houses and vacant lots and
The shattered windows and splintered doors
How long have I been here all alone?

Here I am again
The one who gets
Left behind, left behind, left behind
Settled in, had a plan
But I never factored in
Everyone else saying goodbye

This ghost town is making a ghost of me
This ghost town is making a ghost, making a ghost of me

I promised myself I'd learn to be the one who leaves
With no more roots to tie me down
It's just a different kind of lonely

So I'm back to pulling arms
And begging and begging
For the love of God
Don't leave me here again
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