First Class lyrics



Still thunderrated
Let's talk this sh*t

[Verse 1]
When I'm on the edge where family at
When you at the f*ckin' edge I'll prolly be there
That's gangsta that's hiphop
Should know better than that
Tired of f*ckin with these amateurs
Where my veterans at
PTSD from my child racist 20 years
In the rap game
I represent filipino side Pacman
Yeah my grandmother South Korean too redman
I ain't with that fake fame chasing yeah
I'm that man
Rhyme after rhymе how can I be broke sir?
If you can't trust me trust my rap skills flow vеrse
No world around me yeah I'm in my zone
I don't talk fast or plan quick top of the dome
Only my instincts applied
I don't surprised or too excited
I don't mingle with guys
Your eyes can't see my life
Bad news they all lies
I'm chilling swear a god
I'm feeling great I'm feeling nice
Positive minds riding thru the negative thoughts
Success ain't mine and owned
So I be taking some losses
Los Angel's new born fresh out the first class
Third eye vision the flyest asian you heard that
[Verse 2]
Hollywood sign on my left korean flag on my back
When i was suffering
From mental illness f*ck u was at
Nobody visited busy being cold hearted thats that
New human mental problem matters too
Im talking the facts
억이던 백 천이던 됐고 척 이면 PASS 가벼운 일
뻐기는 rats i ain't f*ckin with that
Lucky ass rappers they ain't really came
From the bottom
Shoutout to the real ones
There some lames from the bottom
Tryna act like we all came up together
Of course i brought em and then went up together
Now they all scared of roller coaster ride
Now or never weather
Is good or not Imma ride thru
And man up be greater

Im the king
Im the king
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