Alan Walker

"Where Are You Now?"


You were the shadow to my light
Did you feel us?
Another star, you fade away
Afraid our aim is out of sight
Wanna see us alight
Where are you now?
Where are you now?
Where are you-?

[Verse 1]

Where are you now when I need you?
Life's getting difficult for me to push through
So I'm thinking back to the old days
Where I had time to muck around and play
Tryin' to find comfort in these words
Hoping to make and build myself some worth
As I trek through life, trying to stay hopeful
Avoiding situations that'll make me woeful

But that's been difficult as of recent
Walking on these streets, hoping things are decent
Got myself a BTEC Level 3 ICT degree
And even then, life still feels bleak! (Why?)
I wish something could ease my brain
At least 'till my life's on track like a train
'Cause I don't wanna spend my life hopeless
Going in circles, driving myself to psychosis!
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