Anxiety Freestyle lyrics


Zoocci Coke Dope

Ima get a copyright claim for this
Note that I, went to hell and backwards for this
Sometimes I felt like I'm not the right man for this
Yet I feel like I'm the only man left for this

Killers with these bars, a f*cken animal
On my chill mode, n*ggas think that Im in savage mode
Not looking for recognition, but this is not a one time thing
I got slick rhymes better than a diamond ring

You are looking at Mufasa if animation was a thing
So how you gon kung-fu panda with the lion king
I got no anxiety, but I'm living with some terrible scars
I'm f*ckin Asian the size of my di*k in Madagascar

End the world in a minute cos I bring that Ice Age
There ain't no Rapper bettеr than me in my age
Im a killer n*gga, not a hyеna though
Cos a boss hyena is a b*tch hyena bro

Ask me how I'm living, I'm feeling frosty n*gga
My past looks amazing if you really know me n*gga
And I lost my childhood home for some lousy figure
And these n*ggas wanna talk about votes to a homeless n*gga

f*ck that, we in a city where n*ggas don't come back
And like that, don't get your head twisted when we come back
I could diss any Rapper and it would take forever for them to come back
And like that, I keep showing n*ggas how a God claps back
When I'm done with this beat, scream hallelujah
I leave nothing for chance, the Rapper I confuse ya
I could battle rap with Ash and I still chose ya
Imagine Jimmy Olsen catching Lex Luther

I'm the greatest after 2Pac so don't let me hit em up
And I don't hit a blunt, I f*ck sh*t up
And Satan is out here tryna beat me up
I said you gon need a lot more than two horns to f*ck me up

I ain't got a Lotta luton, but I'm looking for a lady
And you can never play me I'm from BHM baby
I wake up in the morning, take a p*ss and wash my hands
Take a knee and thank the man, and get back to the money (Weezy)

Weezy inspired the killer in me, all my verses are legendary
These n*ggas can't touch me, some say I sound like him
But the nasty Z inside of me would come out and kill me, so n*gga please..

I appreciate all the love and all the respect
Look at the numbers, I'm shocked to even think that
We almost at 20k views, can you believe that
I don't even wanna know, what the future packs

And I remember when we started, it was nothing but what we got in
And our parents think we crazy like what the f*ck these n*ggas gunnin
Even with the little support we get, we still haven't accomplished
What they want for our future is pretty different from our ugly rubbish
It's not like we are chilling and robbing n*ggas, we outche, we getting figures
I know you don't like this rappers, but I promise we nothing like..
These n*ggas that scream b*tch, every time they spit
We adequate, every line will be spiritual like it's a heaven spit
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